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Flight PNR Status Online Check - Get PNR Status of Flights

Flight PNR Status Online Check - Get PNR Status of Flights

To check the the pnr status of domestic and international flight you can click the links below.
PNR Status of Domestic Airlines

  • 1. Jet Airways PNR Status
  • 2. AirIndia PNRStatus
  • 3. Kingfisher Booking Status
  • 4. Indigo Airline PNR Status
  • 5. Spicejet Flight Status Check
  • 6. Go Air Flight Status
  • 7. Jet Konnect Airlines Status
  • 8. India Airlines Booking Status 

PNR Status of International Airlines

  • 1. Emirates Airlines
  • 2. Lufthansa Airlines
  • 3. American Airlines
  • 4. Qantas Airlines
  • 5. Singapore Airlines
  • 6. Qatar Airways
  • 7. Air France
  • 8. British Airways
  • 9. Cathay Pacific
  • 10.Virgin Atlantic
  • 11. Tiger Airways
  • Thai Airways
  • 12. Malaysia Airlines
  • 13. Air New Zealand
  • 14. Etihad Airways
  • 15. Asiana Airlines

How to get status of your Flight ticket?

Now a days long distances is no headache for people because of growing airlines business. Now people have busy life and schedule so they want to save time. Airlines are good way for time saving and give a lot of amenities to traveller. A lot of people all over the world depart from one location and arrive at the other location  in very few hours. Whether it is emergency or a normal trip to another country, you can travel via flight so easily

How  to Check Flight Pnr Status online:

Checking the status of the flight is now getting easy for users because of internet facility The time we  book the airtickets, we get a PNR number. PNR Means Passenger Name Record. This is a sort of id number  on your ticket and this helps us knowing the latest status of flight. It could be passenger or a group of passengers Who are travelling via  airlines.

This is commonly stored in CRS which is Computer Reservation System or may be GDS, which means Global Distribution System you just need to Enter  Passenger Name Record number in Flight PNR Status text box then you can check the current status of flight pnr number  to knowing that the ticket has been confirmed or not. CNF means confirmation of ticket And ‘WL’ means waiting status of pnr ‘Wait Listed’ means that you may or may not be eligible for flight boarding .

When you are entering the PNR number, you may have  to give more details while checking pnr status of  flight

  • 1. Passenger’s first name and last name
  • 2. Destination of departure and arrival

PNR is a concept  of  airlines because most of the people of the world to take reservation with one or other airlines.
Passengers may book for more than one ticket of  airlines when urgently required flight  ticket for reaching their particular destination. For knowing the status of your flight is we are providing you all the important information in this blog for different airlines that how to check your flight  pnr status step by step.


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