Friday, February 3, 2017

Get Indigo Airlines PNR Status, Check Indigo Airlines PNR Status

Get Indigo Airlines PNR Status, Check Indigo Airlines PNR Status

Indigo is the largest profitable airline in the India. Indigo became one of the fastest developing airline service for low cost services in the world. Indigo Airlines have a unique business model due which it has a biggest advantage of cost reduction. The Indigo Airlines operates with the same type of vehicle ie Airbus A320. The idea of bulk dealing is helping indigo Airlines in generating more profit. It only takes short time of 20 minutes turn around time for the aircraft to get prepared for the next flight. It sees to it that every 12 minutes an aircraft of Indigo takes off.

About Indigo Airlines :

In 2006 Mr Rahul Bhatia and Mr Rakesh Gangwal established the Indigo Airlines with the main intention of providing affordable airline services to the middle class people through Indigo Airlines. Interglobe Enterprises hold the major portion of the Indigo Airlines ie 51.2% of the total share of the Indigo Airlines which is owned by Mr Rahul Bhatia himself.

Indigo Airlines today in total have 73 Aircrafts which travel over more than 35 different cities of India and many other Countries.

As Indigo Airlines was established for the providing affordable service to the local people it does not possess a Business Class Section. But, it has a corporate Section in which the business class customers of the Indigo Airlines are greeted.

Destinations :

From March 2016, 818 flights daily to 44 different destinations are being operated by Indigo.Out of these flights 38 travel in India and the remaining 6 in abroad.The head office of Indigo Airlines is located in Delhi. Its offices are also spread in Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Nagpur.

Indigo Airlines PNR status :

Indigo Airlines have the a unique number for each ticket which is called PNR number. The PNR Status Indigo ticket can be checked through the PNR Status Enquiry. If you have booked your tickets in the Indigo Airlines and want to check the Indigo PNR Status of your seat you can do it through PNR Status for Indigo Airlines.

Indigo Airlines provides transportation facilities of both passengers as well as cargo transport services. The service of Indigo Airlines is almost feasible in all the major cities of India like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad. The status of the ticket purchased of Indigo Airlines have different different status like confirmed, waiting etc. The status of these tickets of Indigo Airline can be checked from here.The final status of ticket can differ anytime before the final chart is not prepared.

Steps to Check Indigo Airlines PNR Status :

The Indigo Airlines PNR status can be checked by following the don mentioned steps. The steps are
  • Click and open this booking link .
  • Please click on “Manage Booking” option.
  • Type Booking Reference number and Email id,
  • Now, click on the “Get Itinerary” button after filling the required information.
  • This will open ones IndiGo profile where one can check bookings and make changes in reservation.
In this way the PNR status check Indigo Airlines can be done very easily and smoothly.


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